Applying for HBP DBS Checks

People are considered to be working in home based positions if they are carrying out some functions like training, teaching, supervising, offering guidance and foster care to children from their places of residence. The same case applies to those providing personal care and health care to vulnerable adults.

Who is eligible for HBP DBS checks?

You will be eligible for a home based position DBS check if you deal with children in performing the functions mentioned above from the place where you live. An applicant who also resides in the same premises with an individual who is being checked for carrying out part of or all of his/her functions with children from the premises will also be eligible for the checks.

It is also a requirement for persons who work and reside in institutions that deal with kids to undergo HBP Disclosure and Barring Service checks. Some good examples of such establishments are nursery schools, children’s home and children’s centers among others.

There will be no HBP disclosure checks required where the mentioned services are offered from the home of the vulnerable adults. Applicants who do not understand whether they are eligible or not should contact DBS or other approved umbrella bodies for clear explanations.