DBS Application Form Guidelines

Although going for DBS checks is not mandatory, there are situations where having a Disclosure Certificate will be a major necessity. You may be required to produce the document when applying for some open jobs, Visa or adoption among other things. The following are the guidelines that you should observe when completing a DBS application form:

Required Data

Before you even start to provide any data, you should first go through the guidelines provided in the application form and ensure that everything is clear. This will inform you of the parts that you will be required to fill out as the applicant, and you should leave out those areas that do not concern you. You should use capital letters within the provided boxes, and you should not make any other marks on the form.
You should be keen to provide all the data required in the mandatory fields to avoid unnecessary delays through rejections. These will require you to provide details like:

– Type of disclosure- basic, standard or enhanced
– Personal details- current and former names
– Birth details- Date, town and country of birth

Confirm Accuracy

Before submitting your application form, you should take the time to confirm the accuracy of the data provided. Errors in the provided details may lead to rejections or issuance of an invalid disclosure certificate, and this means that you will be required to go through the application process all over again. Apart from filling out all the mandatory fields, you should also provide accurate information on your current and previous addresses.

There are also some common mistakes that you should avoid including the use of abbreviations, nicknames and colored ink. To reduce the chances sending in erroneous details, you should choose to apply online instead of filling out paperwork. This will also assure you of reliable assistance by experts that are well experienced in DBS checks.