Do Musicians need DBS Checks?

As a musician, you will be required to have a Disclosure Certificate if you will be working in schools or institutions that deal with kids or vulnerable adults. Musicians may also be required to apply for DBS checks by various bodies where they are members. You can apply for the DBS checks in person or have your employer do so on your behalf. This is done to enhance the safety of the children and the vulnerable groups.

Types of disclosure certificates to be applied for

The type of disclosure certificate to be applied for will depend on the establishment where the musician will be working. Those looking for careers in ordinary music schools can apply for basic or standard certificates. However, musicians seeking to work with vulnerable groups will be required to apply for Enhanced Disclosure, and this will provide their employers with detailed records of their past criminal activities.

Employers and musicians can now apply for DBS checks online to avoid the lengthy process of dealing with paperwork. This involves providing the required data in an electronic form that is then submitted for processing. There are huge benefits associated with the online application including simplicity, convenience, quick results and limited rejections among others.