Guide to DBS Checks for Teachers

The Disclosure and Baring Service helps recruiters in making safe decisions by providing them with the past criminal records that their applicants were involved in. DBS checks therefore play a vital role in hiring of teachers since they deal with students that are considered to be among the vulnerable groups.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that all your teachers undergo the relevant checks before recruitment. This will help you to know if the teacher has ever been convicted and whether there are still other pending convictions. You will also be able to understand whether the person has ever been reprimanded or received warnings from the police among other things.

Individuals found to have been involved in minor convictions will still be eligible for teaching positions. However, they should be considered as unsuitable candidates if found to have been involved in serious cases like sexual assault and murder among others. Persons interviewing for teaching positions should be open about such past convictions to avoid dismissals after their history is established.

Who should arrange for the checks?

It is up to the employers to ensure that persons applying for teaching positions are taken through DBS checks. They should therefore make proper arrangements to have this done before making any recruitments.