How Long Does it Take to Receive a Standard DBS Check?

There are cases where your employer may need to access details of your criminal records, and they may decide to approve or dismiss your application depending on the information they receive. This is done through DBS checks, and a standard application will disclose your spent and unspent convictions, unspent cautions, Sex Offenders Notification Requirements and any other relevant details.

How long will this take?

The exact period of time that it will take to process a Standard DBS check will vary from one application to the other, but most employers are able to receive the results within 8 weeks. You should expect some delays where the person involved has constantly been changing addresses over the years. This will happen because the relevant information will be sourced from the past and current addresses.

Processing will also take longer where there were errors in filling out the standard disclosure application form. These may include skipping some of the mandatory fields and providing erroneous details relating to the employee especially when it comes to dates and addresses. It is therefore up to the employer to ensure that the application form is fully completed and that all the information provided is accurate.