How long is a DBS Check Valid for?

A Disclosure Certificate is a vital document, especially when applying for positions requiring close contact with kids and vulnerable persons. This can also be used as an effective supporting document during adoption and Visa application. There is no specified validity period for a DBS check, and the provided information is considered accurate as per the date indicated on the issued certificate.

Using the DBS update service

Instead of applying for a new DBS check every time a disclosure certificate is required, you can now register for a DBS update service that will be allowing you to update your current certificate. Employers can also use the same to tell the current status of an employee’s disclosure certificate. The service, therefore, comes in handy where people are required to undergo regular checks.

Applicants can also use the update service to:

– Access their records
– Allow employers to access the records
– Check who has viewed their certificates

Access to the DBS update service is only valid for one year, and applicants are required to renew their subscriptions towards the end of this period. Those who fail to do so can only access their current status by submitting a new application with Disclosure and Barring Service.

Using the update service as an employer

As an employer, you can only check the status of DBS certificate with the consent of the involved employee or the candidate you are considering. However, you will not be required to pay any subscription fees. You will also need to understand the positions that require an applicant to have a disclosure certificate.

Applicants can rely on DBS approved bodies when applying for various checks with Disclosure and Barring Service. This is a good way of ensuring that applications and subscriptions are done correctly since such registered bodies are also known to offer professional assistance.