Locksmiths and DBS Checks

For most people, being a locksmith means working in secluded areas that barely involve coming into contact with children and vulnerable adults. They therefore tend to think that Disclosure and Barring Checks do not apply to such careers. This is not true since there are situations where locksmiths are also supposed to have disclosure certificates, especially where vulnerable groups are involved.

Where do these DBS checks apply?

To start with, all locksmiths with membership in Master Locksmiths Association are required to apply for disclosure checks. This is also the case with other bodies and organizations that work with locksmiths. The individuals cannot submit applications on their own, so it is the associations and other umbrella bodies that are left to handle the task. The applicants are only required to provide prove of identity.

Locksmiths contracted to work in areas where they will be regularly interacting with kids or other persons considered as vulnerable may also need to have the relevant disclosure certificates. However, they will still need to rely on registered bodies for standard or enhanced checks. Applying for disclosure will help to boost the trust that their employees have in them and qualifying for such contracts will be pretty easy.