Proving your Identity

When applying for checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service, there are documents that an applicant is required to submit to the employer for Identity verification. There are three different routes that an employee can follow and these are explained below:

Route 1

This is the first route that should be considered, and it is a must for those who choose it to have 1 primary identity document. This will require the applicant to pick one document from group 1. Documents listed in group 1 include a valid passport, a current driving license, a biometric residence permit, a birth certificate or an adoption certificate.

It is also a must for the applicant to provide two more primary identity documents or two documents from group 2a or 2b. The current address of the applicant must be verified in one of these further documents. Group 2a includes trusted government documents such as driving license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, Forces ID card and Firearms license.

Group 2b includes documents detailing the financial and social history of the applicant. This allows an applicant to submit a mortgage statement, bank statement, credit card statement, P45 statement, P60 statement, benefit statement and work permit among other documents. There are specified issuance dates for the documents, and these have to be observed.

Route 2

In this route, there are 3 documents that an applicant will be required to provide including one of the documents listed in group 2a (trusted government documents) and two more documents from the same group or from group 2b (documents showing financial or social history). One of the documents must show the applicant’s current address.

Route 3

This should only be considered by individuals who cannot meet the requirements for both routes 1 and 2. By going with this option, the applicant must submit 1 of documents listed in group 2a, 3 more documents from the same group or group 2b and a birth certificate. The current address of the applicant must still be verified in one of the documents.
All documents should be submitted in original copies

The applicant should provide original and valid documents that should be in their current name. Documented proof should be provided in case of name changes. Employers should not accept photocopies or internet printouts. The current address of the applicant must be verifiable from one of the provided documents, and a record should also be provided showing the applicants addresses for the past five years.