What is a Basic Disclosure?

A basic disclosure is applied by an individual, and the issued certificate will show a list of unspent convictions by the said person. This information is meant to assist employers in making informed decisions on whether to recruit or dismiss applications based on the past criminal records of interested persons. Basic disclosure will also give you an upper hand when applying for volunteer work or applying for a Visa.

How to apply for basic disclosure

You can submit your application online if you are currently living in the UK and this is a simple exercise that you can complete in a couple of minutes. However, you will be required to complete some paperwork if you are currently residing outside the UK. The duration taken to process the applications will vary depending on factors like:

• Current and previous addresses of applicants
• How often an applicant changes address
• Errors in the submitted forms

Apart from stating the unspent convictions by the applicant, a basic disclosure certificate will also show the date of conviction, the specific court where the conviction was made and the imposed penalty. This certificate may not be valid for positions involving vulnerable groups like Protected Adults and children.