What is a Standard Disclosure?

A standard disclosure is applied for by an employing body, and it usually applies to persons that are expected to have good character in various occupations. These may be applicants looking forward to be recruited as bank managers, accountants, club stewards and those applying to be firearm holders among others. This can only be applied for by a registered body.

What is included in the standard disclosure certificate?

As an employer, there are some details that you will be required to provide for your application to be processed. These should include personal details of the individual to be recruited, contact details and address. The application form is usually short, and one can fill it out by sparing just some few minutes.

Standard disclosure will list the spent and unspent convictions that the employee has been involved in. This will also disclose any issued cautions and Sex Offender Notification requirements if any.

Relevance of the provided information

The issued certificate is meant to provide the employer with records detailing past convictions and cautions. It does not state whether the employee should be hired or not. It is therefore up to the employer to check out the provided details and make the right decisions. The employees will also be notified of any checks that have been done on them.