What is checked in a DBS Check?

To get a Disclosure Certificate, you have to apply for a DBS check and you can do this online or by filling out the necessary paperwork. This entails carrying out an extensive research that helps to unveil the criminal records of the involved person. In doing so, the relevant authorities will need to access the available criminal files by making use of the information provided in the application form.

The extent to which a DBS check will be carried out will depend on the disclosure certificate applied for. A basic disclosure will be handled pretty fast since this will involve looking at unspent convictions. There are more factors that will be considered in processing a standard disclosure including unspent convictions, some spent convictions, unspent cautions and sex offenders notification requirements.

The research will even be more intensive for disclosure certificates that will be issued to persons seeking to work with vulnerable groups and children. This is so because they will be forced to apply for Enhanced or Enhanced with Lists check disclosures. Apart from looking at what is covered in standard disclosure, the authorities will also go ahead to look at Prescribed Court Orders and other relevant details available in police and court files.