When do I need to Use a Disclosure Certificate?

There are different situations where you may be required to provide your disclosure certificate, and this is a document that will provide a clear history of your criminal records. It will list the cases that you have been involved in, the date when you were convicted, the court where this took place and the penalties that were imposed.

You may need to use a disclosure certificate when:

1. Applying for a Job: even if this may not be a mandatory requirement, you can boost your chances of qualifying for a job offer by presenting the certificate. The kind of DBS checks to apply for will depend on the specific opening that you are interested in. You will need to go for an Enhanced Disclosure if the job entails working with children or vulnerable groups.

However, you can simply apply for basic disclosure where the position you are considering is not very sensitive. These are situations where you may be looking for a job as an accountant, legal practitioner or even a bank teller. The certificate will also come in handy when applying for a volunteer job.

2. Applying for a Visa: using a disclosure certificate when submitting a Visa application for permanent residence in the UK will boost the chances of your application being successful. This will assure the authorities of good behavior where there will be fewer chances of you being involved in criminal activities. The certificate will work for both new Visa applicants and those seeking an extension of their student or tourist visas.

3. Seeking to adopt: you will be required to produce a disclosure certificate when seeking to adopt and this will even require you to apply for enhanced DBS checks. This will make it possible to access detailed reports on all your convictions and cautions. The certificate will also show any other relevant information that the police may be having in their files.