Work Experience and DBS Checks

DBS checks play an important role in revealing any criminal activities that an individual may have been involved in. There are situations where these checks are required to be undertaken when there are teenagers seeking work experience. These can be summarized in two ways as follows:

1. Person seeking experience

There are cases where students may be seeking work experience either voluntarily, or as a requirement by the school or college, they are in. Those aged 16 years and above may be required to go for DBS checks depending on the environment that they will be working in. Providing a disclosure certificate will be a major necessity for students that will be working in establishments like nursery schools, home cares and hospitals among others.

2. Supervisors

Persons who will be dealing with students below 18 years of age may also be required to have a disclosure certificate to confirm that they are fit to work with the minors. The exact checks to be taken should be decided upon by the school after making some considerations like how frequent the supervisor will be working with the kids and if there will be supervision by other relevant members over the training period.

It is also important for the employer to be fully aware of the supervisor’s background to ensure that teenagers that will be working with them will be safe all through the specified period. This is the reason why they should take their employees through DBS checks to be aware of any criminal records under their names.

Applying for a disclosure certificate should be pretty easy for persons with internet access since it is now possible to carry out the entire process online. Students, supervisors and employers can, therefore, maximize on this to submit their applications easily and get results in record time.